Master Gardeners Demonstration Garden

Master Gardener demo

The Demonstration Garden is actually a series of gardens conceived and developed by Greene County Master Gardeners through University Extension. 

It’s intended to provide a primary educational opportunity for visitors to the garden to learn more about the pleasures of gardening for aesthetic as well as health and culinary purposes.

The Culinary Garden, for instance, touts the storage,preservation and many benefits of herbs, from their antioxidant properties to their ability to replace salt and butter for more heart-healthy cooking. The Fiber Garden describes how these plants are used for everything from breakfast cereal to textiles.

The very practical Turf Demonstration Garden offers eight plots to show visitors how different types of grasses perform in the Ozarks through both cool and warm-season varieties. Similarly, the Missouri Natives Garden offers ideas for creating beautiful,natural habitats in a home garden, whether that’s a corner of a flower bed or a field ripe for naturalizing.It explains the benefits of native plantings that adapt to our quirky weather patterns based on watering needs and requiring little to no chemical fertilizers.

Throughout these and more Master Gardener demonstration plots, additional support would allow the Botanical Center to provide more education and do-it-yourself ideas and advice for the home gardener, ranging from growing vegetables and fruit to caring for woody ornamentals.

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*All demonstration garden photos courtesy of Aaron J. Scott Photography