Woody Ornamental Collection

Redbuds, Dogwoods and Magnolias

This collection features some of Missouri's most beautiful flowering trees, including the Redbud Garden, which demonstrates that not all of its varieties are the iconic purplepinks of spring. Its more than 25 varieties include Yellow Hearts of Gold, a row of Summer Wine Nine Bark and a row of Tiger Eye Sumac. The garden is anchored by a 16-foot oval gazebo. The outside rows include both red and white varieties.

The Dogwood Garden frames the Peace through People Pavilion and includes tree and shrub species native and exotic. Small cluster and large, showy bract flowers are seen March through May, and the fall foliage is gorgeous in late October. Companion plants include daffodils, Spanish Bluebells, hosta and hydrangeas.

Hear About the Gardens

Redbud Garden
Dogwood Garden

*All Native Shrub Garden photos courtesy of Aaron J. Scott Photography