Lake Drummond and Drummond Garden

Lake Drummond was dedicated in 2001, with the opening of Close Memorial Park. This urban water refuge attracts plants, wildlife and visitors alike, serving as a backdrop for tranquil walks, scenic views and hidden spots to stop and reflect.

The lake was named for Anne Case Drummond, a local trailblazer in business, a civic leader and a volunteer who mentored and inspired generations of women. Her likeness is memorialized in bronze, sitting on a park bench overlooking the Drummond Garden and the lake.  A private gift made in 2021 improves accessibility in this area, with new sidewalks and additional landscaping.

A 7/10-mile loop trail encircles Lake Drummond, with hidden gardens, lake views and opportunities of discovery along the way.  In 2014, Springfield Public Works partnered with the Park Board to stabilize and beautify the spillway. In 2017, a native pollinator garden on the northern edge of the lake was made possible through the Missouri Department of Conservation Community Conservation Program. Lake Drummond hosts a wide variety of native plant species to support birds and pollinating insects. Please do not feed the geese.

Hear About Lake Drummond

*All Lake Drummond photos courtesy of Aaron J. Scott Photography