Dwarf Conifer Garden

This garden is truly an Ozarks original conceived by Dr. Bill Roston as an extensive collection of dwarf conifers in a range of colors, shapes, textures and sizes on the east side of Lake Drummond.

It’s such an unusual feature for this region that it’s a favorite of many visitors and a popular stop not far off the greenway trail. It’s also a source of inspiration, especially for people with smaller homes or smaller yards to see potential landscaping options.

The garden, terraced to a height of eight feet, includes meandering paths, a bridge, waterfall and rock outcroppings.

One particular plant, the “Soft Serve” Chamaecyparis was developed, introduced and brought to market by Dow and Linda Whiting of Garden Adventures in Nixa after Dow discovered an interesting mutation of soft, textured growth.

Initial support for the garden came through a grant from Positronic Industries.

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*All Dwarf Conifer Garden photos courtesy of Aaron J. Scott Photography