Seasonal Display Beds

Color Beds
Stepping down the stairs from the short walk from the parking lot, visitors to the Botanical Center are greeted with a profusion of seasonal color beds at the building’s main entryway. In addition to marveling at their beauty, visitors are inspired by the beds’ designs and combinations of profuse and colorful annuals that demonstrate what may grow similarly well in their own area gardens.

These prominent color beds, featuring plants like cool-season kales, cabbages and violas, followed by spring tulips and daffodils, then summer tropicals, give the Botanical Center its year-round seasonal personality.

Special thanks to sponsors who provide color around the Botanical Center year round. This landscape enhances the visitor’s experience, whether impressing the one-time traveler to one of Missouri’s premier botanical gardens or refreshing the visual interest for the many area residents who frequent the gardens and activities in the building.