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Upcoming Programs

  1. Cherokee Hangout

    Before school members have an opportunity to work on waking up, get help with homework, or just chill with friends. After school members are provided with a structured environment. Which includes homework time, recreation and enrichment activities and fun times with friends. 

    Grades 6-8
    Before and After school (see flyer)
    $50/10-Day Card

  2. Ritter Springs Challenge Club

    Do you want to have fun while building skills in problem solving, communication, teamwork, and trust? Join the Ritter Springs Challenge Club! We will develop these skills through a series of team building activities and challenge course elements. The club will meet in your school’s cafeteria and we will shuttle to our Challenge Course location at Ritter Springs Park!

    Grades 6-8
    Sept. 17-Oct. 22
    Tuesdays, 2:45-5:30
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