1923 N Weller Avenue
Springfield, MO 65803


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Name Title Email Phone
Belote, Bob Director 417-864-1049
Carney, Jon Superintendent of General Services 417-864-1345
Coats, Matt Superintendent of Special Facilities 417-891-1551
Crocker, Mike Dickerson Park Zoo Director / Assistant Director 417-833-1570
Cumley, Jeff Superintendent of Jordan Valley Park and CODP 417-874-2942
Edwards, Jenny Public Information Administrator 417-874-2943
Fisher, Jim Assistant Director of Parks 417-864-1335
Herron, Karen Senior Executive Secretary 417-864-1329
Holle, Kevin Park Ranger Administrator 471-864-1192
McGrath, Anne-Mary Superintendent of Recreation 417-864-1338
Mitchell, Jerry Superintendent of Business Operations 417-864-1325
Park, Miles Assistant Director of Operations 417-864-1326
Reser, Kim Assistant Director of Recreation 417-864-1328
Tyndall, Diana Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinator 417-874-2944
Kromrey, Mary Ozark Greenways Director 417-864-2015
Woolsey, Lana Assistant City Attorney 417-864-1694


300 E Harrison
Springfield, MO 65806



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300 E Harrison
Springfield, MO 65806

Fax: 417-719-7984

Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone
Barnhart, Debbie SPARC Office Assistant 417-837-5737
Boles, Melissa SPARC Supervisor 417-891-1667
Andrews, Jana SPARC Supervisor 417-891-1658
Ellison, Diana School-Park Coordinator 417-837-5737
Kriegshauser, Adam SPARC Supervisor 417-837-5737
Kropp, Anders School-Park Accountant 417-837-5737
Merritt, Angie SPARC Supervisor 417-874-2839
Seastrom, Joseph SPARC Supervisor 417-891-1628
Stulce, Brad School-Park Administrator 417-837-5737