Founders Garden


The visitors who appreciate whatthey see, smell and sense duringa stroll, run or ride throughthe Botanical Gardens can payhomage to its founders at one ofthe newest gardens.

Dedicatedin 2015 for the 15th anniversaryof Friends of the Garden, theFounders Garden credits eachperson who played a primary rolein the gardens and reserves fouranchor boulders for Major Close,Dr. Bill Roston, Dr. Stan Horschand Bob Childress.

The central Foundation Circlefeatures a colorful Japanese Maplesurrounded by sturdy Liriopeinterplanted with three-seasoncolor.

The garden is located on the northwest endof Lake Drummond, near the Plaza where MajorClose’s mother-in-law Anne Drummond is cast inbronze, forever enjoying her namesake lake.

Hear About this Garden

*All founders garden photos courtesy of Aaron J. Scott Photography