Azalea Garden

Hackberry trees created a high shade canopy ideal for planting azaleas in a garden initially designed and donated by well-known nursery owners Dow and Linda Whiting.

Some 20 varieties of azaleas in more than 200 plants were nestled in berms to create a beautiful expanse of color visible from the Botanical Center parking area during their long spring blooming season.

Considered a choice foundation plant and known as the Royalty of the Garden, azaleas are a member of the rhododendron family. With hardscaping donated by Ruth Arneson and a bridge created by Bob Childress, the azalea garden offers a shady respite surrounded by five varieties of Japanese maples, dogwood and evergreen hemlock trees along with season-long ground cover of Lenten rose, coral bells and ferns.

Hear About this Garden

*All azalea garden photos courtesy of Aaron J. Scott Photography