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Designed and accredited by the American Red Cross. Focuses on teaching swimming skills and water safety. Designed to accommodate all ages from infants with a parent to advanced swimmers.
Red Cross

Parent and Child

Parents will be in the water with their children that are 6 months-3 years old.
  • Holding and support techniques
  • Exploring the water
  • Blowing bubbles and submersion
  • Front/back glide
  • Front/back float
  • Basic arm and leg actions in water


Specifically for 4-5 year olds; skills performed with assistance from instructor.
  • Bubbles and submersion 
  • Front/back glide 
  • Front/back float 
  • Rotary breathing 
  • Treading water 
  • Basic arm and leg actions on front and back 
  • Water safety

Level 1

Skills performed without assistance.
  • Skills learned from Preschool level 
  • Submersion and bobbing 
  • Arm and leg actions on front and back at two body lengths

Level 2

Fundamental Aquatic Skills
  • Skills learned from Level 1 
  • Arm and leg actions on front and back at five body lengths

Level 3

Stroke Development
  • Skills learned from Level 2 
  • Breath control and submersion 
  • Various survival floating 
  • Front crawl, breaststroke, elementary backstroke, and scissor kick for specific lengths of the pool

Level 4

Stroke Improvement and Refinement
  • Skills learned from Level 3 
  • Breath control and submersion including surface dives 
  • Head first entries from the side of pool 
  • Butterfly, back crawl and sidestroke for specific lengths of the pool

Level 5

Skill Proficiency and Fundamentals of Diving
  • Skills learned from Level 4 
  • Open turns and flip turns 
  • Surface dives 
  • Diving from poolside and diving board 
  • Tuck and pike dives
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