2017 Tournaments ( New rule for entering tournaments. Since these tournaments fill up months in advance, only teams that submit an entry form and payment will be put into the tournament. If a team drops after the Friday @ 5 pm deadline date, no refund will be issued whether a replacement is found or not. )


 10th Annual Spring Youth Softball Classic May 13, 2017

  • 10U Modified Pitch
  • 12U, 14U and High School Age Fast Pitch
  • Girl's 8U and 10U Coach Pitch
 Meador Softball Complex, Non-Sanctioned Open Tournament.     (LIMITED NUMBER OF SPOTS AVAILABLE)
 4/17/17 updated
8U - (1) Springfield Lady Dragons, (2) Aftershock, (3) Willard Tigers
10U Modified Pitch -    Blue Division: (1) MO Elite, (2) Tigerettes, (3) Home Town Sports Blue Thunder, (4) Storm
                                    Red Division: (1) Lady Outlaws (2) Marshfield Jays (3) Bullpen Psychos (4) Knockouts
12U Fast Pitch -        Blue Division: (1) MO Storm 1 (2) Bullpen Psychos (3) Stockton Tigers (4) Scenic Rivers Fighting Squirrels   (5) Hotshotz White (6) Springfield lady Dragons Orange
                                    Red Division: (1) MO Storm 2 (2) Jet's Pizza (3) Tie Lady Dragons Black and Superior U12
14U Fast Pitch -         Blue Division: Mt. Home Diamonds (2) Tie Springfield Lady Dragons & Redbird Sluggers (4) Mt. Vernon
                                    Red Division: Hotshotz White (2) Wicked Gold (3) Bullpen Psychos (4) Flames
   Team Pictures of Champs on facebook: Springfield Softball

38th Annual Heart of the Ozarks Youth Softball Classic June 3, 2017

  • 10U Modified Pitch
  • 12U, 14U and High School Age Fast Pitch
  • Girl's 8U Coach Pitch
Meador Softball Complex and Cooper Youth Complex, Non-Sanctioned Open Tournament.    
10U Modified Pitch Blue Division: 1) Lady Outlaws 2) Rolla Sliders 3) Tigerettes 4) Scenic Rivers Fighting Squirrels
10U Modified Pitch Red Division: 1) Knockouts 2) Storm 3) Bullpen Psychos 4) Mt. Vernon 5) TIE Marshfield Jays and Fair Grove  Eagles     
12U Fast Pitch Blue Division: 1) Clearwater Lakers 2) Stockton Tigers 3) Eldon Kryptinite 4) Jet's Pizza
12U Fast Pitch Red Division: 1) Bullpen Psychos 2) Rolla Sliders 3) Hotshotz White 4) Lady Irish
12U Fast Pitch White Division: 1) Knockouts 2) Scenic Rivers Fighting Squirrels 3) TIE Willard Tigers (S) and Queen City Sting Blue
12U Fast Pitch Black Division: 1) Willard Tigers (D) 2) Superior U12 3) Queen City Sting Black 4) Lady Dragons
14U Fast Pitch Blue Division: 1) Hotshotz White 2) Impact 3) Rolla Sliders 4) Clearwater Lakers
14U Fast Pitch Red Division: 1) Redbird Sluggers 2) Wicked Gold 3) Mt. Vernon 4) Bullpen Psychos
High School Age Division: 1) Prospects Elite 2) Jeff City Elite 3) Clearwater Lakers 4) Stockton Tigers 5) Mid MO Warriors 6) Queen City Sting

31st Annual Summer Classic Youth Softball Tournament June 17, 2017 

  • 10U Modified Pitch
  • 12U, 14U and High School Age Fast Pitch
  • Girl's 8U and 10U Coach Pitch
Meador Softball Complex, Non-Sanctioned Open Tournament.     (LIMITED NUMBER OF SPORTS AVAILABLE)
Tournament FULL
Teams Results:

10U MP: Blue Division 1) MO Elite 2) Velocity 3) Knockouts 4) Lady Outlaws
               Red Division 1) Mt. Vernon Force 2) Lady Chiefs Brown 3) Bullpen Psychos 4) Home Town Sports Blue Thunder
               White Division 1) Storm 2) Diamond Thieves and Fighting Squirrels 4) Queen City Sting 5) Fair Grove Eagles

12U FP: Blue Division 1) MO Storm 2) Bullpen Psychos 3) Willard Tigers Davault 4) Knockouts
              Red Division 1) Jet's Pizza 2) Hotshotz White 3) Lady Dragons Orange 4) Queen City Blue
              White Division 1) Lady Outlaws 2) Lady Dragons Black 3) Queen City Black 4) Willard Tigers Steward

14U FP 1) Lady Dragons 2) Select 3) Bullpen Psychos 4) Hotshotz White 5) Mt. Home Diamonds 6) Mt. Vernon

Missouri USA Softball Youth Softball State Championship June 24-25, 2017

  • 10U Modified Pitch - 3 game guarantee bracket
Meador Softball Complex, USA Softball of Missouri Sanctioned Tournament. Register at

Teams Entered: MO Elite, Bullpen Psychos, Diamond Thieves, FG Eagles, Scenic Rivers Fighting Squirrels, Storm, Mt. Vernon Force, Knockouts, Lady Outlaws, Mid MO Bombers
  4th Annual Summer Bash Youth Softball Classic July 8, 2017 
  • 10U Modified Pitch
  • 12U, 14U, HS
Meador Softball Complex, Non-Sanctioned Open Tournament.     (LIMITED NUMBER OF SPOTS AVAILABLE)

Remaining Spots available: FULL 
10U MP Bracket
12U FP Bracket
14U FP and High School Age FP Bracket

Men's Fast Pitch Softball Heart of the Ozarks Classic July 22-23, 2017

  • Limited Spots are available (9 total)
  • Non-sanctioned softball tournament
  • Teams entered...
    1. Springfield Falcons (Danny Brown)
    2. McDaniel Concrete (Terry Luster)
    3. Kansas City Angels (Manuel Hernadez)
    4. Kansas City Indios (Danny Garcia)
    5. Black & Gold (Eric Steinbeck)
    6. Topeka Toros (Josh White)
Meador Softball Complex

8th Annual OctoberFast Fall Youth Softball Classic October 7, 2017 

  • 10U Modified Pitch
  • 12U and 14U Fast Pitch
  • Girl's 8U and 10U Coach Pitch
Killian Softball Stadium and Complex, Non-Sanctioned Open Tournament.     (LIITED NUMBER OF SPOTS AVAILABLE)
Teams Entered
14U: Wicked Gold


2nd Annual OctoberSlow Classic October 14, 2017

  • Men's and Coed Divisions
  • $100 per team
  • 3-game guarantee
  • Tournament has limited spots available, must be USA Softball team registered
Killian Softball Complex, USA Softball Open Tournament