2018 Tournaments (New rule for entering tournaments. Because these tournaments fill up months in advance, only teams that submit an entry form and payment will be put into the tournament. If a team drops after the Friday at 5 p.m. of the deadline date, no refund will be issued whether a replacement is found or not.) SASA and Park Board-run tournaments are listed in RED for 2018.


 April 28: 11th Annual Spring Classic Girls Softball (Meador) (RESULTS)

10U MP: Blue Division- 1) Elite Dishman 2) Ozark Rampage 10U 3) HTS Thunder 4) Willard Tigers Black 5) Bullpen Psychos 6) Nixa Xtreme /// Red Division- 1) Storm 2) 417 Boom 3) PBSG Diamonds 4) Fighting Squirrels /// White Division- 1) Prospects 2) Ozark Rampage 09 3) Queen City Sting 4) Willard Tigers Silver

12U FP: Blue Division- 1) Ozark Rampage 2) Rampage-Volken 3) Team MO Elite 4) Springfield Lady Dragons 5) Comets 6) Queen City Sting /// Red Division- 1) Willard Tigers Black 2) Tigerettes 3) SW MO Thunder 4) Bullpen Psychos 5) Rampage-Nelson 6) Mt. Vernon Force

14U FP: 1) Team MO Elite 2) Bullpen Psychos 3) Public Enemy #1 4) Mt. Vernon 5) PBSG Diamonds 6) Queen City Sting

10U MP Tournament Schedule

12U FP Tournament Schedule

14U FP Tournament Schedule

SASA Youth Softball Tournament Rules and Regulations

May 12: NSA Adult Softball Tournament Rental (Jeff Pruis) Killian

  May 12: 39th Annual Heart of Ozarks Girls Softball (Meador) (FULL)

8U CP: 1) Ozark Rampage 2) Aftershock & Willard Tigers Black 4) RepMO /// 10U MP Blue Division: 1) Elite Dishman 2) Nixa Xtreme 3) Storm 4) Stars 5) 417 Boom 6) Willard Tigers White  Red Division: PBSG Diamonds 2) Fighting Squirrels 3) Queen City Sting 4) Clever Chaos /// 12U FP Blue Division: Capital City Ambush 2) Team MO Elite 3) Willard Tigers Black 4) SW MO Thunder 5) Valley Springs 5) Lady Dragons Black  Red Division: Queen City Sting 2) Lady Dragons Orange 3) Rampage-Nelson 4) Mt. Vernon Force Gray 5) Fair grove Eagles 6) Willard Tigers White /// 14U FP: Team MO Elite 2) Stockton Lady Tigers 3) Wild Thangs 4) Mt. Vernon 5) Falcons 5) Queen City Sting
 8U CP Tournament Schedule
10U MP Tournament Schedule
12U FP Tournament Schedule
14U FP Tournament Schedule

May 18-19: MSHSAA Spring State SB Rental (Killian)

June 2: 32nd Annual Summer Classic Girls Softball (Meador) (RESULTS)

8U CP - 1) RepMO 2) Willard Tigers Black 3) Aftershock;

10U MP Blue Division - Elite-Dishman 2) HTS Thunder 3) 417 Boom 4) Sliders 5) Impact 6) Hartville Lady Eagles; 10U MP Red Division - 1) PBSG Diamonds 2) Willards Tigers Silver 3) Fighting Squirrels; 10U MP White Division - Bullpen Psychos 2) FG Eagles 3) Queen City Sting 4) Willard Tigers White;

12U Blue Division - 1) Willard Tigers Black 2) Lady Dragons 3) Valley Springs 4) Superior U12  5) Rampage-Nelson 6) Queen City Sting; 12U Red Division - 1) Diamond Thieves 2) SWMO Thunder 3) Mt. Vernon Gray 4) Willard Tigers Silver;

14U - 1) Lady Irish 2) Mt. Vernon 3) Queen City Sting 4) Wild Thangs

8U CP and 10U MP Tournament Schedule

12U FP and 14U FP Tournament Schedule

June 17: NSA adult SB rental (Jeff Pruis) Killian
June 23: Missouri USA Softball 10U Modified Pitch State Meador (Meador)

(Results) 1) Elite-Dishman 2) Storm 3) MO Elite 4) Bullpen Psychos 5) Nixa Xtreme 5) Sliders 7) Fighting Squirrels

July 7: Missouri USA Softball Mens Church, Men’s & Coed Slow Pitch Invitational

 July 14: 5th Annual Summer Bash Girls Softball (Meador) (FULL)

Current Teams Entered: 10U Modified - Impact, Queen City Sting, HTS Thunder, Springfield Lady Dragons, Prospects, Sliders, Nixa Xtreme, Stars, Lady Irish, Ozark Rampage 10U; 12U - Team MO Elite Carvajal, Willard Tigers White, Queen City Sting, Valley Springs, Willard Tigers Silver, Willard Tigers Black, SWMO Thunder, Superior 12U, Springfield Lady Dragons, Mt Vernon, FG Eagles, Tigerettes, Hotshotz White, Rolla Sliders, Diamond Thieves, Public Enemy #1, Irish-Wiseman, Homerun Hitters; 14U - Mt. Vernon, Queen City Sting, Public Enemy #1, MO Storm.

July 25-29: USA Softball 18U “B” Northern National Championship (Killian & Cooper)

August 11: 8th Annual FallFest Girls Softball Classic (formerly the OctoberFast in October)
Current Teams Entered: 8U CP - PBSG Diamonds; 10U MP - Springfield Lady Dragons, Lady Jays, Clever Chaos, PBSG Diamonds, MO Elite-Gillihan; 12U - Valley Springs, Springfield Lady Dragons, Willard Tigers Silver

August 25: NSA adult SB rental (Jeff Pruis) Killian
October 6: 3rd Annual October Slow Tournament (Killian)
October 19-20: MSHSAA Fall SB State Tournament Rental