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Start Smart

Start Smart was developed by top motor skills development specialists in the field of youth sports. This is a sports readiness program for children 3 - 5 years old. Parent-child groups work together in stations that develop the child’s throwing, catching, kicking and batting skills. These are the basic motor skills needed to compete in youth sports programs. As the program progresses and children show improvement, the skills and stations are altered so that each child remains challenged. Parents spend quality time together with their child while learning how to properly teach and support them in sports.

2016 Start Smart Registration Form
  1. Ball League Schedules

    League and Tournament Schedules for baseball, softball, volleyball, fastpitch and flag football.

  2. Aquatics

    Come swim at one of our aquatic centers.

  3. Archery

    Learn about archery activities with the Community Olympic Development Program.

  4. Baseball

    We offer youth and adult baseball leagues and tournaments.

  5. Equestrian

    Read about the Equestrian programs offered at Valley Water Mill Equestrian Center.

  6. Figure Skating

    Mediacom Ice Park offers figure skating lessons.

  7. Football

    Our sports section offers football leagues.

  8. Golf

    Play a round of golf at one of our beautiful municipal courses.

  9. Hockey

    Learn to play ice hockey and join a league.

  10. Skateboarding

    The Springfield Skate Park offers a fun and challenging place to ride your scooter, skate, bike, or rollerblade.

  11. Soccer

    Learn about soccer leagues and tournaments.

  12. Softball

    Discover exciting softball leagues and tournaments.

  13. Tennis

    Many indoor and outdoor tennis courts are located in the city.

  14. Volleyball

    Play in our fun volleyball leagues.