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Private Lessons

Private golf instruction can cover any problem areas you have in your game. If you are a beginning golfer private lessons are the quickest way to become more proficient at the game. Private golf instruction is set up by appointment. Appointments can be made with the instructor at most times during the week.

Private Lessons Fees With Head PGA Golf Professional

Cost for 40-minute lessons with a PGA head golf professional:
  • Single Lesson - $50
  • 2 People - $75
  • Series of 4 Lessons - $160

Private Group Lessons

Private group instruction is also offered. You can sign up a group of 4-8 people to take a private group lesson or lessons. Instruction can cover any area of the game that the group would like to work on. Set up a group instruction just like you would a private lesson. Group lessons last 1 hour.

Private Group Fees

Lessons with a head golf professional:
  • 1 Session - $20/person
  • 4 Sessions - $75/person